Walking with Arthritis: Insights from Owners/Experts - Galliprant 1 hour CPD

Drs Zoe Belshaw and John Innes discuss the impact of canine arthritis on pets and their owners, including how to get the best possible outcomes - virtual setting or not.

<p> <p><img src="https://assets-eu-01.kc-usercontent.com/7d1fb288-b93d-015d-f61e-abc4dbdfe522/e2e7e58d-a089-4e5f-9df7-b4f67b9d1a7f/Zoe and John Image.png" alt="Dr Zoe and Dr John" style="width: 25%; float: left; padding-right: 20px;">Presented by Dr Zoe Belshaw MA Vet MB PhD Cert SAM Dip ECVIM-CA AFHEA MRCVS - PDSA veterinary surgeon and independent consultant and Dr John Innes BVSc PhD CertVR DSAS(orth) FRCVS - Chief Veterinary Officer, CVS Group plc. __*Brought to you by Galliprant<sup>TM</sup>*__ Has the management of arthritis changed with coronavirus? With owners spending more time at home with their dogs, will they spot the signs of arthritis more easily? In this webinar, Drs Belshaw and Innes will pull on their clinical and academic experience to answer how we can best manage arthritis now and in the future. As a vital management partner in arthritis, owners are key in good clinical outcomes. Zoe Belshaw has looked extensively into the impact of canine osteoarthritis on the owners of affected pets and will discuss topics from her latest published work on the impact of OA on owners, dogs and their time together. Dr John Innes draws on his decades of research and experience managing challenging canine osteoarthritis cases to share his approach to the OA mobility consult. He will share tips, what he has learned in practice, and what to avoid as you prepare for and conduct an arthritis consult in these challenging times, including optimising video assessment. <strong>Watch the 1 hour video on MyElanco - <a id="sign-in" href="/cpd/webinar-walking-with-arthritis" onclick="popup()" style="color:#c6305e;">sign in </a>or <a href="/register" style="color:#c6305e;">register</a> </strong>to watch this plus other CPD, and to see more from the experts. <p style="font-size:14px">Galliprant tablets contain the active substance grapiprant. Legal Category POM-V UK. PM-IE-20-0377</p> <script> function popup(){ loadNews(); return loginmsg(this); } </script>

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