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A simple pre-appointment, owner-friendly parasite-risk profiling tool developed by Elanco as part of our Healthy Purpose commitment to make responsible parasiticide prescribing easier.

MyPet Persona allows owners to identify their pet’s parasite risk profile in a fun, engaging and educational way; helping vets to determine quickly the most appropriate parasite control. Fill out the form below to register your interest in hearing more about how MyPet Persona could help you and your practice!

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The information you submit on this page will be used by Elanco to update our customer relationship database and if requested, facilitate contact with an Elanco team member. For more information about how Elanco will manage your Personal Data, please visit to view our Privacy Notice.

By confirming your interest in MyPet Persona you consent to Elanco using your personal data for the purposes of processing your enquiry. All uses of your personal data will comply with applicable laws. For further information on how Elanco stores and uses your personal data, please see our Privacy Notice


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