Lungworm is endemic throughout much of the UK and is potentially life threatening for dogs. However, less than half of UK dog owners know what lungworm is, and only 33% routinely treat their dog for it1.

Advocate has been working for over 15 years to raise lungworm awareness, educate pet owners, and support vet practices in protecting our beloved pets.

On this page you can learn more about lungworm, access the number of cases in your area, and select tools to help you talk to your clients.



Angiostrongylus vasorum
- the potentially fatal lungworm parasite

  • A. vasorum is a potentially life threatening nematode of dogs and foxes.
  • Lungworm is already endemic throughout much of the UK. Prevention is key.

The spread of A. vasorum

Fox data confirms the dramatic spread2:

  • 18% of foxes across the UK now infected (50% in the South-East).
  • Prevalence more than doubled in all regions.3
  • In a new study by the Royal Veterinary College 74.4% of foxes in Greater London now infected with lungworm.4

Slugs data - Larvae
released into slime

A study has confirmed that infectious larvae can also be released into the mollusc's slime providing an alternative route for exposure.5

Infective larvae shed by slugs survive for at least 15 days.

Published 2008 - data collected 2005-06 / Published 2015 - data collected 2013-14

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The lungworm map below allows you to view reported cases in your area and is a great way to raise awareness with your clients. Only reported cases are shown, so it is not exhaustive. Many go unrecorded, or are resolved with presumptive treatment, so are never confirmed.

You can also use the lungworm map to report any cases you see.

In addition, why not encourage your clients to view the pet owner map on the My Pet & I website.

Discover the risk of lungworm on our My Pet & I website

Talking to clients about lungworm

Less than half of UK dog owners know what lungworm is, and only 33% routinely treat for it1. It’s therefore important to talk to your clients about the risks and put in place an appropriate prevention plan. To help you, we’ve put together some information and tools you can use. See details of our ACT Against Lungworm Campaign.

One third of UK dog owners (33.6%) are unaware of the risks slugs and snails pose to their dog's health

Over half of UK dog owners (52.8%) don't know what lungworm is

Only 33% routinely treat their dog for lungworm

67% of dog owners often see their dog eating grass, so slugs and snails could easily be ingested without them knowing

Two thirds of UK dog owners aren't confident that they would see their dog eating a slug or snail

Almost 40% of UK dog owners leave pet toys outside, another route of exposure to slugs and snails or even their slime5

Survey of 2000 UK dog owners - Conducted by 2GEM, April 2020

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Protecting pets from lungworm

Learn more about Advocate and how it can help you protect your clients’ pets1

1. Survey of 2000 UK dog owners – conducted by 2GEM, April 2020; 2. Taylor C. S. et al.,Parasitology (2015), 142(9):1190-5; 3. Over 8 year period; 5 regions South-East, East, South, Midlands & North; 4. Fox et al. WAAVP (2017) Abstract No. 4196; 5. Conboy et al., Parasitol Res (2017) 116:41-54.

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