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Elanco’s Health Tracking System (HTSi) is an established and independently verified, data-led broiler benchmarking platform that incorporates multiple lesions to assess key markers of bird health.1 A globally recognised benchmarking tool, HTSi has been used successfully for many years to monitor the health and performance of birds, helping make decisions towards future improvements.

Annual Report

Intestinal Integrity (I2) UK Surveillance Report 2021 - HTSi Annual Report

For poultry industry leaders who seek to continuously improve their business, HTSi is a data management platform that enables better understanding of flock health to drive timely, data-based decisions and robust benchmarking, leading to improved performance and profitability.

The annual report reviews data collected during 2021 across 90% of the UK market, including coccidiosis peaks, Intestinal Integrity (I2) trends and locomotor health.

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Intestinal Integrity Explained

Intestinal Integrity Explained

The Intestinal Integrity (I2) index is a pivotal part of HTSi. The intestines are arguably the most important body system of the broiler. Intestine function determines feed conversion efficiency which drives performance of the birds. Therefore, any damage to the intestines


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Financial Benefits

HTSi financial benefits

The impact of poor coccidiosis control costs approximately £10.5 billion per year worldwide.2

HTSi allows broiler companies to gain unprecedented insight into their business. It uses the power of data to facilitate more informed business decisions that maximise production, minimise losses and therefore improve profit margins. This ultimately drives more sustainable poultry production.

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1. Kasab-Bachia H, et al. (2017). The use of large databases to inform the development of an intestinal scoring system for the poultry industry. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 146, pp.130–135.

2. Blake DP et al. (2020). Re-calculating the cost of coccidiosis in chickens. Vet Res, 51(1), p.115.

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