Food Safety Program - FSP and AviPro Salmonella Duo

Elanco Layer Conference Highlights

Discover more from the Layer Conference, with experts discussing the global egg industry outlook, changes to the BEIC Lion Code and the importance of Salmonella control.

Andrew Joret - Lion Code Version 8

Shaun Cawthraw - UK Salmonella Prevalence

Andrew Joret - Impact of Avian Influenza

Shaun Cawthraw - Non-Regulated Salmonella Serovars

Andrew Joret - UK National Flock

Shaun Cawthraw - Reducing Salmonella Risk

Layer Conference Webinar

Nan-Dirk Mulder, Senior Global Specialist Animal Protein at Rabobank, gives an update on the challenges and opportunities for the global egg market.

AviPro Salmonella Duo contains: Live attenuated Salmonella Enteritidis bacteria, strain Sm24/Rif12/Ssq, min. 1 x 108 CFU* and max. 6 x 108 CFU*.

Live attenuated Salmonella Typhimurium bacteria, strain Nal2/Rif9/Rtt, min. 1 x 108 CFU* and max. 6 x 108 CFU*. *CFU – colony forming units.

Legal Category: POM-V. For further information, consult the product SPC. For further information call Elanco Animal Health on +44(0)1256 353131, or email, or write to: Elanco UK AH limited, Form 2, Bartley Way, Bartley Wood Business Park, Hook RG27 9XA. Use medicines responsibly

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