Credelio Plus Launch Event

We invite you to join us at a one-of-a-kind launch event

With a keynote presentation from Major Tim Peake, the event will cover new innovations, how the industry is evolving and the learnings we can take from our speakers on their extraordinary experiences of change when moving forwards into a new era.

There will be a live Q&A, providing you with the one-off opportunity to put your questions to our speaker panel, including Tim Peake and Cat Henstridge.

As a thank you, everyone who tunes in live to the event will receive a goody box for ‘bringing people together’, with treats for family and/or practice teammates.

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Event Speakers

Why Tim Peake? It has been an unprecedented year of change and Tim will cover the lessons he’s learnt about leadership and teamwork, performing in high-pressured environments and the future of medicine and science - with some anecdotes on communicating in space and the support from teams behind-the-scenes. There are a number of parallels with being in space and lockdown, and Tim will share his experience of coming back down to earth and back to normality as a new take on us now coming out of lockdown.

event speaker

The event, to be broadcast live to vet professionals across the UK, will also include presentations from Cat Henstridge, better known to her online followers as 'Cat The Vet'. Cat will share more about what drives her in her role and ‘why we do what we do’ as vet professionals. She will cover the value of teamwork and the impact to pet care in practice. She will share examples of how social media has allowed her to stay connected with a wider vet and pet owner audience and how those learnings impact face to face communication. As practices adapt to the changes moving forward out of lockdown, Cat will share what she looking forward to in the industry and how the teams she works with are coming back together to tackle new challenges - will the future be the same as it was before lockdown?

We will be sharing exclusive content on Elanco’s innovative work within the parasiticide space, with Lepha McCartan, BVetMED MRCVS, Veterinary Technical Consultant, Elanco Animal Health, sharing updates on new Credelio Plus, which offers trusted worm control with milbemycin oxime plus immediate and persistent tick and flea kill with lotilaner.

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Join us Thursday 17th June, 18:30-20:00

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