What is Hemicell XT and how does it work?

Hemicell is a patented energy sparing feed enzyme, with guaranteed final-feed potency, that breaks down β-mannans to completely prevent the inflammatory feed induced immune response, resultant waste of energy and other problems that this response causes.1,2

Without Hemicell XT :
Total energy in feed

With Hemicell XT :
Total energy in feed

Used in-feed, with no withdrawal or restrictions when used in combination with other feed additives, Hemicell XT simply means less wasted energy and improved Intestinal Integrity, therefore reduced feed costs, improved animal health and better sustainability.

Not all feed enzymes are made equal…

Some feed enzyme products work by reducing fibre viscosity and improving performance via rate of passage through the gut. Others improve nutrient digestibility by “opening up” feed components the animal is unable to access on its own. These are considered energy-releasing enzymes.

Hemicell XT is different because it is an energy sparing enzyme. Rather than trying to find extra energy, it stops unnecessary, energy sapping processes taking place, so that everything available from the feed can be fully directed towards essential body processes, growth and production.


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2. Lee, J., Bailey, C. and Cartwright, A. 2003. “β-Mannanase Ameliorates Viscosity-Associated Depression of Growth in Broiler Chickens Fed Guar Germ and Hull Fractions.” Poultry Sci. 82: 1925-1931.