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ß-mannans are costing you money. Elanco explains why and what to do

β-mannans are costing you money

β-mannans are naturally occurring, non-nutritive feed compounds, commonly found in vegetable feed ingredients. Just their simple presence in feed consumes about 3% of the total energy available1 to animals from that feed – energy that could be directed towards their growth/performance.

Explore the links below to learn more about why β-mannans are something you should take notice of, and listen to world renowned poultry nutritionist, Rick Kleyn, share his experience of how these compounds can have huge impacts on both food animal production units and beyond…

Hemicell XT : Feed the solution

Hemicell XT, containing β-mannanase, is a patented formulation that breaks down β-mannans, found in many animal feed vegetable ingredients. β-mannanase completely prevents the damaging effects of β-mannans and so allows a reduction in feed costs, while still maintaining growth and productivity as well as improving sustainability and animal health.


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