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It starts with healthier animals. It's what we do. A leader in pet and farm animal health solutions, we are treating and preventing disease in more than 90 countries.

Pet health
Our pets contribute so much towards our physical and mental well-being, and here at Elanco we work hard to help keep pets healthy across the UK and Ireland.

Parasite control is a key component of preventative healthcare and is an area in which we are proud to have so much expertise. If you’re a pet owner, take a look at wormwise.co.uk to find out more, and if you are a healthcare professional you can find out more about our products here within MyElanco.

Pet health is much more than preventative medicine, and at Elanco we are also focussed on providing innovative treatments to support pets with chronic diseases such as skin allergies, osteoarthritis and heart disease.

Farm health
Away from small furry animals, we have built up a strong portfolio of pioneering products for our beef and sheep farmers, from endo and ecto parasite-control products through to new, novel approaches to ketosis prevention in dairy cows. If you’re a farmer our website www.farmanimalhealth.co.uk has a lot of information on disease prevention and control for you.

Elanco is proud to be a long-term leader in poultry healthcare with our gut health, nutritional and coccidiosis control portfolio. And our Health Tracking System (HTSi) provides crucial in-depth insights on improving flock health, disease trends and Intestinal Integrity benchmarking.

Swine health is another traditional area for Elanco with our parasite control and nutritional products, supported by innovative vaccines, one of which is used as an effective and sustainable alternative to antimicrobial use. Just one of many developments within our approach to being a responsible manufacturer.

If you're an animal health professional, register or login to MyElanco now to explore our Hubs and find product information, CPD and other useful materials to help you and your business.

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