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Responsible Antibiotic Use

As a company dedicated to the health and welfare of animals, Elanco Animal Health believes healthy animals are key to solving some of the world's most pressing issues.

We therefore support Responsible Antibiotic Use

Antimicrobial resistance is a significant health challenge, and animal agriculture can play a role in the solution by reducing the need for medically important antibiotics in farm and pet animals.

Antibiotics are a critically important tool farmers and vets use to ensure the health and welfare of animals, as well as the safety of our food supply. But they’re just one tool. Farmers and vets work closely together to design and implement comprehensive animal health programs that take into account quality diets, clean and comfortable housing, disease prevention and treatment as well as other factors. When antibiotics are used, they must be used responsibly and under strict veterinary guidance.

We are committed - Elanco’s Antibiotic Stewardship

Act with Responsibility Globally
Support Veterinary Oversight
Create Alternatives
Building Nutritional Health Capability


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