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Elanco’s Healthy Purpose™ UK and Ireland

Healthy Purpose in the UK and Ireland

Elanco’s approach to sustainability and ESG commitments is called Elanco Healthy Purpose™. As part of our Healthy Purpose, the UK and Ireland have made a number of local commitments and goals for 2025 relating to the health of our planet, animals, people and organisation.

Healthier Animals

Support the sustainability of animal health by focusing on the:
  • Responsible use of antimicrobials and parasiticides
  • Environmental footprint of agriculture

Healthier People

  • 250 days of community service per year

Healthier Enterprise

  • Gender parity in leadership positions
  • Simplified engagement score > 85%
  • Inclusion score > 80%

Healthier Planet

  • Green certification from Investors in the Environment
Healthier Animals

What does ‘Responsible use of Parasiticides’ mean?

  • Following our One Health principles, responsible use of parasiticides means considering the patient being treated, the people around it, and the wider planet.
  • Bringing this information together to make an informed decision about the most appropriate:
    • Spectrum of activity
    • Frequency of administration
    • Formulation of product
  • Making these recommendations on an individual basis whenever possible.

To prescribe responsibly, there must be a range of parasiticides to meet the needs of different patients – one size does not fit all.

We provide a broad range of trusted parasiticides for pets, with different indications and formulations that best suit the owner’s lifestyle.

We aim to provide a treatment that will suit your animals and your circumstances and enable prescribers to make responsible recommendations.

What about the environmental footprint of our farmers?

It has been widely covered in National and Global press that farming contributes to our carbon footprint. We have committed to helping farmers remove 21 million tons of emissions globally from our customers' farms whilst continuing to offer innovative products to help reduce the reliance on antimicrobials.

Healthier People

Elanco are very keen for employees to volunteer providing each employee with up to 3 days per year of paid community service. One of these days is via our Global Day of Purpose, but each quarter they are able to dedicate a half day to their local community or charity. In the UK and Ireland, we are aiming to collectively commit to 250 days per year.
Learn more about our efforts on our blog series.

Healthier Enterprise

The UK and Ireland Affiliate is proud of the commitments and steps we have made towards gender parity in leadership as well as gender pay. You can find out more here.

Healthier Planet

We’re very excited to be working with Investors in the Environment in order to achieve environmental certification of our sustainability efforts. From our use of greener power, increased recycling and reduced waste of promotional materials we hope to be amongst the leading pharmaceutical companies when it comes to green credentials. Find our Environmental Policy and more information here.

As we work towards our commitments under the Healthy Purpose and our three Pledges, we have been making a number of changes and efforts.

Have a look at what we have been up to in our blog series.


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